Vietnam Eco Adventure was co- founded by Tan Vu with the aim of promoting and preserving the traditional Vietnamese way of life. Tan has been involved in the tourism industry for over 20 years, travelling extensively throughout Vietnam and abroad, but as a boy from the country always enjoyed getting back home and spending time with family on the land.

As a proud boy from Doan Xa, Tan aim in creating Vietnam Eco-Adventure was to provide tourists with an authentic experience, that would not only have all thoroughly engaged and enthralled, but at the same time providing opportunities for local villagers to interact and promote Vietnamese cultural and societal values.

The memories and experiences provided with Vietnam Eco Adventure will last a lifetime and will certainly not disappoint.


By facilitating responsible travel we are encouraging the local villagers to respect and conserve their local environment and way of life as well as providing a financial benefit to the community.

Vietnam Eco Adventure is committed to ensuring the betterment of the local community.  Not only will land owners benefit through the funds received from the use of land and equipment but so will the local youth.

We are passionate about the training of local disadvantaged youth to carry out related activities.  This training will provide the village youth with the skills required in the Tourism industry (particularly eco-tourism) so that they have a number of tangible career options to pursue in their lives.