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Welcome to Vietnam Eco adventure

Visit Vietnam and you’ll find a land of natural splendors – lush green mountains, green rice paddy fields, a pristine coastline, majestic national parks along with buzzing cities full of style and design innovators, and fascinating cultural sites offering insight into centuries of tangled leadership. Unfortunately Vietnam rapid jump into the 21st century has meant that many tourists are not being shown the real Vietnam. The Vietnam that still sees the majority of the population living a rural, communal lifestyle and the Vietnam in which farming and agriculture still forms the bedrock of Vietnam economy.

Vietnam Eco Adventure was borne so that tourists to Vietnam could experience first-hand the local Vietnamese way of life as it was. Experiences that include:

  • Replanting rice

  • Harvesting rice

  • Cycling through the most amazing villages

  • Buffalo riding

  • Fishing using traditional techniques

  • Most importantly spending time talking, eating and drinking with the local people. Spending time and listening to stories about a country that has experienced so much and whose people are still so happy. Stories from farmers, war veterans and local woman who have formed the backbone of the family unit for generations.

If you want to experience a genuinely inclusive experience and one that challenges our 21st century mindset then Vietnam Eco Adventure must be a part of any travel itinerary.


Vietnam Eco Adventure is committed to ensuring the betterment of the local community. Not only will land owners benefit through the funds received from the use of land and equipment but so will the local youth.

We are passionate about the training of local disadvantaged youth to carry out related activities. This training will provide the village youth with the skills required in the Tourism industry (particularly eco-tourism) so that they have a number of tangible career options to pursue in their lives.


 Just like Alice in Wonderland, when you arrive at Doan Xa village you will be transported to another time. Prepare to be mesmerised whilst cycling down roads looking like they did 100 years ago.

From the village gates to the lotus pond, the bamboo bushes to the limestone walls, the old tiled roofs, the Han-Viet lettering above doorways — they all create a perfect picture of a Vietnamese traditional village that could be straight out of a story book.

The location of Vietnam Eco Adventure makes it not only ideal to do as a stand-alone activity but also one that is ideal to do in tandem with some of the ‘big ticket’ tourist options in northeastern Vietnam such as Halong Bay.